Common mistakes people are making while using an antiperspirant

An antiperspirant is one of the most commonly used cosmetics. Bothe men and women heavily rely on this product and many of them cannot imagine their lives without it. Actually, this is also one of the good people would prefer to have with them in the seemingly isolated places.

Still, despite such popularity, there are many mistakes most of us are making while using an antiperspirant. It is even more important to know about them if you are a very active person constantly engaging yourself into physical activities.

The greatest mistake

Let’s start with the most crucial mistake that can actually take you in an undesirable position. This mistake is actually not understanding what an antiperspirant is in the first place and mistaking it for a deodorant which can lead to a lot of frustration.

That is so since deodorants are usually made of alcohol and water. Alcohol is very good at killing bacteria, yet, it is of no use if you are looking for a product reducing perspiration. If that is what you are looking for, you should go for an antiperspirant that includes aluminium salts or zirconium salts. Those are particularly blocking the channels on your skin which through which our bodies are releasing sweat. As a result, they can reduce the amount of sweat.

If you want to stop sweating thus much, you should choose antiperspirants.

Using an antiperspirant in the morning

The majority of people use antiperspirants in the morning regardless of whether they take a shower in the morning or the previous evening.

A curious fact about this popular product of hygiene is that you will be able to use its maximum potential if you use it in the evening before going to bed.

The reason for it is the fact people tend to sweat a way less in the evening because a human body tends to produce less sweat in the night. In turn, this makes the sweat channels cleaner as there is not a lot of sweat in them which makes it easier for an antiperspirant to get inside them and block them successfully.

Using antiperspirant on wet skin

The majority of people do not apply their antiperspirants on wet skin on purpose, however, this can happen to anyone, especially if a person is in a hurry. Still, you should be careful as it is easier for an antiperspirant to get inside the your skin if it is dry.

Using antiperspirant several times a day

Of course, there is no problem if you are doing it after taking a shower. Yet, if you are just looking for a way to refresh yourself without washing, an antiperspirant will not be a good solution for you. Again, when the perspiration channels are already clogged, your antiperspirant will not be able to get inside and successfully minimise sweating.

Using antiperspirant right after shaving

For some people this might not be any serious problem, albeit there are many people who can get some unpleasant inflammation in their armpits. It is especially true for the products containing a lot of alcohol.

Not understanding the difference between ordinary antiperspirants and medical ones

First of all, medical antiperspirants are not a good solution for anyone who is just looking for an antiperspirant. They are indeed more effective, reducing sweating even by 30% unlike ordinary antiperspirants, which can reduce sweating only by 20%, however, it comes with some cost. Such antiperspirants have more aluminium salts in them. Even if you do not believe into any theories about its harm, it can just cause inflammation.

In addition to it, if your perspiration is normal, it is better not to mess with it using such strong chemical products. After all, sweating is a natural function of our bodies and it should be preformed for it for the sake of thermal regulation.