How can you make your sweat less smelly?

In our previous article, we have discussed various culprits of the unpleasant smell of sweat in details. Here, we would like to give you a list of all of the suggestion including the ones you might have not heard of before. Certainly, this list will be useful for everyone, however, it will be even more important for active individuals adoring sport.

Change your wardrobe

Using clothes made of artificial materials is not necessarily a good idea no matter how appealing it looks to you. Unfortunately, it creates all of the conditions for bacteria to proliferate and produce even more smelly toxins on the surface of your skin.

For the same reason your socks should be made of natural fabric. Of course, socks are absolutely necessary if you do not want your feet to get smelly and then to fight with the unpleasant smell of your shoes as well.

Make sure your diet is not contributing to the smell of your sweat

A great amount of spices, garlic, onion, an excessive amount of proteins as well as magnesium deficiency can make your sweat rather smelly. On top of that, do not make your body fight with alcohol releasing various smelly substances through your skin. In such a way you will be able to minimise the unpleasant smell of your sweat.

Make sure you understand how to use antiperspirants properly

While antiperspirants are one of the most popular cosmetic products used by people of all genders, it turns out that many people are not using it in the right way which makes them rather ineffective. In order to understand the way in which you are supposed to use these products, better you should read our article dedicated to antiperspirants and deodorants.

Make sure you do not have any health conditions

Various types of hormonal imbalance as well as diseases can mess the smell of your sweat very much. While some of them are temporary and will leave you in a short time, others can be more serious. That is why you should not ignore any changes in the smell of your sweat even if it turns out now it almost does not have any smell at all while it used to be pretty smelly.

In addition to it, you should be aware of the fact some medications are changing the smell of your sweat and they are also capable of increasing perspiration in the first place. That is why, if you are taking any medications that might have such an effect on your body and this fact is rather disturbing for you, it will be sensible to contact your doctor and find out what can be done about it.