Unpleasant smell of your sweat as a health issue

As a person keen on sport, you are particularly careful about the smell of your sweat. Unfortunately, some people are facing a situation in which no cosmetics are capable of reducing the smell of their sweat and they have no idea what is causing it because the level of their hygiene is very high. Yet, any moment the start sweating, the smell becomes unbearable. We have already discussed various factors making sweat smell rather bad. Still, you should also be aware of a range of health factors that can change the smell of your sweat significantly.

Taking some medications

Just like food and alcohol can change the smell of your sweat, some medications are also capable of it. Some medicine is broken down in the body into substances that can affect the smell of your sweat making it more unpleasant. In addition to it, there is also a range of substances such as various anti-inflammatory medications and morphine-based substances which can cause excessive sweating.

If you have to take your medication which is, in all likelihood, causing such an effect in your body for a prolonged time and you feel the smell is bothering you, it might be sensible to talk to your doctor about possible alternatives.

Hormonal imbalance

It is crucial to understand that the population of bacteria and other microorganisms living on your skin depend on your hormones very much, especially on the balance of oestrogens, progesterone and androgens. This is obvious since the smell of the males’ sweat is a way more intense than the smell of the sweat of women.

Still, there is a great number of factors which can cause some imbalance in your hormones which will result in the change of the smell of your sweat. Sometimes they might be temporary caused for example by stress, or more serious indicating an undergoing illness in the body, for example diabetes or any illness of thyroids.

For that reason, it will be sensible to visit a doctor and especially an endocrinologist if you find any strange changes in the smell of your sweat.

By the way, you should also note the change from a rather intensive smell of sweat to an extremely mild one. Sometimes this can also be a result of a hormonal imbalance which is not necessarily good for your health. For instance, just as you have learnt from this part, the sweat of men is supposed to be more intensive than the sweat of women, so if it suddenly loses all of its smell might indicate a person does not producing enough of necessary hormones.