Do not resign from workouts if you have one of these health conditions

Everyone is aware of the fact sport is crucial for health. Yet, it is difficult to have motivation for exercises if you do not feel well, whereas having particular health conditions might even make you scared by a perspective of working out.

Certainly, in order to exercise, you should have enough energy which make many people believe sport is only for healthy and young people. Actually, it is far from the truth and in many cases sport is the best thing you can do for treating your health condition.

Sport and health problems

If you have been diagnosed with any illness, you should first consult a doctor before choosing any programme for exercising. Still, you should be prepared to find different doctors having different opinions about exercising with health issues. If your doctor is discouraging you from any physical activity, it is sensible to consult someone else as there are different types of workouts available to people and in all likelihood it is possible to find something appropriate for you.

Of course, there is a group of health conditions with which people should not exercise, however, all of them are extremely serious. Some examples are heavy uncontrollable hypertension, uncontrollable angina, changes in electrocardiogram and recent cardiac arrest. At the same time, there is a group of popular health conditions which make many people avoid physical activity, whereas physical activity can help eliminate many symptoms of these health conditions. Furthermore, some illnesses are a direct result of an insufficient physical activity and workouts can even help you to treat these conditions.

You certainly should not resign from exercising if you are suffering from hypertension of the first and second level, type II diabetes, asthma, lower back pain, osteoarthritis, depression and even oncological conditions. In this article we will talk more about exercising with hypertension.


Unfortunately, one of the factors which can cause pathology with blood tension is insufficient physical activity. At the same time, people with this pathology ten to resign from exercising for a simple reason – physical activity itself increases blood tension. Certainly, this can scare many individuals with hypertension especially since high blood tension can lead to severe headaches which will make it rather difficult to exercise.

Even though it might seem impossible to exercise with hypertension, this is a very good idea as it can gradually decrease the intensity of unpleasant sensations and even help to get rid of the condition.

The positive effects of working out with hypertension

It is absolutely crucial to exercise regularly for people with the hypertension of the first level. Hypertension is enlarging the left ventricle of the heart with time which can cause serious cardio-vascular conditions leading to death. If you start exercising at the beginning of the illness, you will be able to avoid this effect of hypertension which was proved experimentally.

Even if you have already developed the heart pathology because of hypertension, four months of regular cardio workouts will help you to decrease the size of your heart.

According to the specialists, almost all types of exercises are good for blood tension and it does not depend on the weight and age of an individual or on the intensity and length of workouts. Yet, if you are looking for the most efficient types of exercises for hypertension, it is recommended to choose cardio activity.

It has been proved that physical activity can decrease blood tension by 7.4 and 5.8 millimetres of mercury in people who do not take any pills for hypertension. This is a significant change, since the decrease of blood tension only by 2 millimetres decreases the chances of cardiac arrest by 14% and 17%.

It is always a good idea to address hypertension with physical activity, as it will improve the general condition of your body. By the way, it is better not to let hypertension to get more intensive since the choice of a suitable pharmacological treatment for the condition can be rather tricky since some individuals seem to be particularly resistant to medications for high blood pressure.

Which exercising plan should you choose for hypertension?

It is recommended to choose a combination of cardio and power exercises for people with the hypertension of the first type. You can perform cardio exercises for 30-60 minutes a day and make short power workouts with 8-10 exercises 2-3 times twice or thrice a week.

If you have already developed hypertension of the second level, it is not a reason to resign from workouts, however, you should consult a doctor before choosing any exercising program. In all likelihood, you will first need to complete a test for the maximum physical activity allowed for your condition. You might also need to take pharmacological substances in order to be able to exercise safely.