Factors making sweat smelly

Sweating is a part of a great workout. Sweating is inevitable if you are serious about your exercises and are not just pretending you are physically active while you remain dry during the entire workout. Furthermore, many people still believe in the myth of increased sweating being capable of helping them lose weight which is absolutely untrue since sweating is only removing water from the body.

In any way, you have to sweat while you are exercising, however, you do not necessarily want to smell bad during your workouts. That is why you should know more about the reason sweat is indeed smelly.

What is making sweat smelly in adults?

In all likelihood you are aware of the fact small children do not have any problem with smelly sweat. Their sweat is mere water with a bit of electrolytes, which simply gets out of the body and dries out. When people reach the age of puberty, their sweat becomes richer and many protein compounds are added to the mixture. Still, they are not supposed to make sweat smelly. On the country their aim is attracting the opposite sex.

Yet, this would be in the ideal world. In the modern time, people are rather prone to having various bacteria in the area of their armpits. These bacteria are thriving on the nutritional substances in the sweat of adults and release toxins which are changing the smell into what we know as something rather unpleasant and undesirable.

It is still not obvious why is it happening to us. There are many researchers who believe that originally people are not supposed to be smelly while sweating and this is the result of the chemical substances people are using for hygiene. According to them, aboriginal tribes do not have such problems at all and their sweat does not have a tendency to becoming smelly if it is not washed away.

Other factors making sweat smelly

Certainly, the clothes we are wearing also plays a great role. Unfortunately, artificial materials are extremely popular today while they are not able to transport water outside. The water is gather on the surface of the skin with all of the bacteria easily multiplying and making the smell rather unpleasant. Again, this is definitely not a problem for aboriginal people hardly wearing any clothes at all.

It might seem impossible for many modern people to change our usual lifestyle and get our natural layer of helpful bacteria on our skin back which will not let any pathogens to grow. Yet, there are many things we can actually take care of reducing the unpleasant smell we are generating with our sweat.