Sport and health conditions: asthma and lower back pain

If you are suffering either from asthma or lower back pain or may be from both of these health conditions at ca time, it is quite possible that you are a bit conscious about physical activity. Needless to say, these health conditions have such symptoms that one might find it rather difficult to exercise. Yet, in the reality, sport can be very helpful for eliminating these symptoms and improving your health condition.

Asthma and sport

As you can imagine, the unpleasant symptoms of an inability to breath which are typical for asthma are repelling many people with this health condition from exercising. Indeed, many individuals are afraid of developing such symptoms during intensive exercises.

Still, it is not a good idea to resign from exercising if one is suffering from asthma. First of all, aerobic exercises are improving the work of lungs and heart helping to develop the muscles of the breathing passages. In addition to it, such a type of exercises is increasing the amount of oxygen usage.

These facts have been proved experimentally during the studies in which people with asthma enjoyed aerobic workouts including jogging and running improved their health condition. At the same time mixing power workouts with aerobic exercises are increasing the control over asthma by 23% and reduce the irregular breathing pattern by 30%.

There is even a perspective for treating asthma itself rather than merely reducing its symptoms. This is possible since physical activity is particularly good for reducing an overall inflammation process in the body.

Lower back pain

Lower back pain is one of the most popular health conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system. Unfortunately, in the 90% of cases, the culprit for the health issue is not diagnosed while people are suffering from the condition not being able to live a full life.

Certainly, many people resign from exercising exactly for the reason of experiencing the pain in their lower back, however, exercising is one of the most effective ways for treating this condition.

The studies of the influence of sport on lower back pain showed that the most effective workouts are based on power exercises as well as the exercises improving coordination of movements. The exercises focusing on stabilisation, balancing and holding particular postures are very effective too.

There was also an analysis of the impact of cardio workouts on the condition of the lower back region which showed an improvement in the health of this part of the body.

Physical activity was proved to be efficient even for people with spinal disc herniation. Indeed, the change of the normal position of a disc usually causes muscle imbalance making them rather weak. As a result, parts of the spine become inflamed and make one feel rather intense pain. For that reason, strengthening muscles is a very good approach for people even with such a health condition. By the way, spinal disc herniation is one of the most popular diagnosed culprits for lower back pain.

Of course, when it comes to people with lower back pain, they should be very careful while starting exercising. It is important to set a particular plan for a workout with a gradual intensification of physical activity.