sports pc games for athletes

Sports PC Games for Athletes and Aspiring Athletes

There are a lot of sports pc games for athletes on the Internet. If you are one or aspiring to be one, you will enjoy these sports! Play football, soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf games, pool, darts, bowling, curling, air hockey, snowboarding, skating sports, and more with your family and friends.

Games are a fun way to keep kids and aspiring athletes occupied and entertained at the same time. We will provide a collection of free online sports pc games for athletes. Have fun with the activity, as these are the top sports games for aspiring athletes!


Our Pick for Top Sports PC Games for Athletes and the Like

Creed: Rise to Glory

Step into the ring for a challenging boxing simulation game with Creed: Rise to Glory! Boxing is one of the challenging one-on-one boxing sports pc games for athletes in which you compete against a cunning computer opponent. Your objective is straightforward: Knock your opponent out (KO)! Overpower your virtual opponent using jab punches, left and right hooks, uppercuts, and excellent defensive blocking skills. Then, when the time is perfect, put him to sleep on the canvas!

Successful real-life boxers’ characteristics are required in this high-octane, interactive fighting game: quick responses and reflexes, excellent hand-eye coordination, rapid hand speed, a firm chin, and limitless stores of endurance and bravery! Thoughtful planning and decision-making are also critical. Going all guns blazing and throwing reckless punches may seem incredible, but your simulated opponent is much too streetwise to fall for it.

Ping Pong Masters

In Ping Pong Masters, defeat the computer by striking/rebounding the ping pong ball with your paddle to attempt to get it past your opponent in this fun and addictive ping pong game (that can also help to exercise hand-eye coordination and quick reaction skills). Hit the ball and attempt to rack up as many points as possible and pass each level. Be fast and accurate as you play one of the best sports pc games for athletes!

Marathon Race Simulator 3D

Running is one of the fun and addictive ‘endless running’ arcade-style sports pc games for athletes. With Marathon Race Simulator 3D, you will enjoy the feel of running and passing all your opponents in this fast-paced game!

Freestyle 2: Street Basketball

If you like ball games, basketball is the game for you. When you cut the rope connected to the ball, calculate its trajectory to make it fall inside the hoop. Score points and earn money to purchase improvements or assistance for your games.

PC Futbol Legends

Football is a fast-paced and challenging game in which you must gather the golden balls at each stage while avoiding the other ones that harm you. Obtain powerups and avoid taking enough damage to perish. Complete all of the levels to enhance your abilities.



These are our top recommended sports pc games for athletes.  Play these games if you are an athlete relaxing after a challenging game but still want to get your athletic spirit on point. If you are an aspiring athlete, these games can be an excellent chance to practice your basics!

We have some free sports games, too, if you want to get into the hype. So, what are you waiting for? Turn on your computer and game!