The best products for growing your muscles

Meat is certainly one of the major sources of proteins for the majority of people, however, this is not the only product containing a significant amount of proteins. At the same time, not all of the products high in protein will supply your body with this crucial substance equally since a lot depends on the digestibility of particular proteins.

Currently, the digestibility of proteins is marked with a so-called Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score or, in short, PDCAAS. This score will show you how easily your body will be able to digest and use the protein contained in a particular food. Note that the maximum score a product can get with such a scale is 1.0 which means that this product is a particularly good source of proteins for your body.

The products with the highest PDCAAS

No matter how much proteins there are in meat, the PDCAAS result is the best for eggs and some of the diary products. Of course, it does not mean that these products are perfect for everyone and you should always consider the individual needs of your organism.

Dairy products

When it come to the dairy products, the leaders are milk and cottage cheese. According to various research, the almost all of the proteins contained in milk are digested by a body and can increase the mass of muscles within twelve weeks under the condition that milk is consumed right after intensive workouts.

Pay your attention to the fact that it is recommended to drink whole milk rather than the one with a decreased amount of fat since such milk also contains more crucial amino acids. For example, the amount of phenylalanine which is an essential amino acid for our bodies is greater by 80% in whole milk than it is in the milk with a low content of fat.

When it comes to cottage cheese, it has a particularly large amount of protein. Up to 70% of this product is casein which is a dairy protein. Such a large amount of proteins in this product will give your body a high level of amino acids in the body for up to eight hours. Because of this fact, it is sensible to consume cottage cheese when there is a large break between meals, for instance during the night.

In addition to it, there is a high amount of calcium in cottage cheese which is necessary for the transport of amino acids and creatinine.

Both milk and cottage cheese have scored 1.0 according to PDCAAS.


The PDCAAS score of eggs is 1.0 as well. This product has a scientifically proved ability of helping individuals to grow muscles due to a high amount of leucine. Leucine is a very powerful amino acid when it comes to the creation of muscles and it can work effectively even if there is no presence of other amino acids in the body. Not only can this substance trigger an anabolic effect in the body, but it also can protect your muscles by decreasing their degradation.

Eggs are also rich in zinc which is very effective for the growth of your muscles.

You should have heard the warnings of doctors and nutritionists about the harm of eggs which are presumably a serious culprit for a high cholesterol level in the blood because of its saturated fats. Actually, the same is said about dairy products and meat high in fats.

Even though many specialists are still claiming this is true, today this belief is rather controversial since many experiments as well as a long-term analysis of the effects of saturated facts on the cholesterol level did not show any connection between the problems with a high cholesterol level and the consumption of saturated fats.

On the contrary, it turned out that since the start of the anti-fat propaganda which started in the previous century and triggered the creation of an entire variety of products with a very small amount of fats as well as with hydrogenated plant oils used instead of the saturated fats of animal origin, the number of cardio-vascular diseases has grown.

According to many experts, what is really harmful is the consumption of hydrogenated plant oils which are trans-isotopes of natural plant oils. These substances are harmful not only for the cardio-vascular system of your body, but they are also harmful for the digestion tract and are carcinogenic.

Still, an overconsumption of any product even the healthiest can cause side effects. Moderate consumption is a sensible approach.

The most easily digestible meat

Certainly, meat has a great amount of proteins, however, it is not exactly an ideal source of this substance. Many people believe fish has the most easily digestible protein, however, the examination of different sources of proteins revealed that the highest scores of PDCAAS are in beef and chicken. Both of these types of meat have got the score of 0.92.

At the same time, the fish with the highest PDCAAS score has gained only 0.78. The species of fish with the most easily digestible protein are trout, salmon and Atlantic cod.