sports PC games of 2021

Best Sports PC Games of 2021 You Can Start Playing

If you are a big fan of sports but not as sporty, then the best sports PC games of 2021 are something you have to look out for. Midway through the year and some of the best titles have been released to the public. Although we target to be more extensive in picking, we excluded games that are still buggy in their initial developments.

We rounded up each of them to bring you the top 5 list of best sports PC games of 2021. Read below to find out more about them!


Top of the Line Sports PC Games of 2021

1.   Football Manager 2021

This soccer simulation game is not like those FIFA titles where you play as the players. This game focuses more on the background as you relive the life of a manager.

Football Manager emphasizes an in-depth strategy to manage your squad and dominate the league. Or better yet, get a non-league team up the ranks and to victory, with accurate and detailed databases for each player. It makes the experience as a manager more immersive.

If managing and strategizing is your cup of tea, this is one of the sports PC games of 2021 for you.

2.   NBA 2K21

NBA has been a PC staple for many years now, and their latest edition is one of the best ones yet. Perfect for gamers who prefer the offline realm. The MyCareer story more is a great option to perform.

What’s great is the opportunity to play the best of all eras within the game. That means not only the latest teams in the league but also the greats from ages past. Do you want to see how a 2021 team stacked up against Jordan’s prime Bulls team in 1996?

This game can offer you that opportunity.

3.   Madden NFL 21

The best among all American Football sports pc games of 2021 is undoubtedly Madden NFL 2021. Seriously, there aren’t other games of the same genre available on PC.

After a long hiatus, they finally decided to bring back this athletic game to the PC. And there is no cause for worries because you get the same features as those sold for consoles.

With the integration to PC, Madden NFL 21 has experienced many fixes, especially with problems encountered in consoles like frame drops and long loading time. A mid-range device, to say the least, can handle the game perfectly.

4.   Rocket League

Rocket League is the culmination of an excellent football game that FIFA and PES can only dream of becoming. If you want to play some football without the bickering about gameplay mechanics, this is perfect for you.

Replace the team of 11 players with 3 cars. Rocket-powered. Absurd? Yes,  but in no way less enjoyable. This free-to-play game rivals the best sports PC games of 2021, sharing the same genre.

5.   FIFA 2021

Before we hear anything from the fans, if we’re talking about who is more well-rounded than the two, FIFA takes the cake against PES. This football game has been around since the 90s. However, they can do more in the gameplay department, in which case PES does better.

But the game modes? FIFA proves to be the better competitor. With improved graphics to make the gaming experience more enjoyable. Plus, who doesn’t want to assemble players from various generations in one super team?



The best sports PC games of 2021 have a lot more to improve. After all, integrating sports into a game is not the easiest of tasks.

Many runner-ups are on the list, but we focused on those that sports-loving players will find the most enjoyable. We hope we helped you decide which game to play next.

Also, although these PC games are great starters, it is still best to get up and moving. Check out our tips on how to start running!