sports pc games for beginners

Sports PC Games for Beginners To Get You Started

Looking for the perfect sports pc games for beginners may be quite hard, especially now that the world of e-sports has become even more competitive. E-sports has been a source of “fun and entertainment” before, but now it is considered a real-life event that can bring glory to a player’s country.

For this article, we have searched the corners of the internet to bring you the best sports pc games for beginners! Make sure to check each game out and let us know what you think.


Top 5 Sports PC Games for Beginners

Baseball Stars 2

First on our list of sports pc games for beginners is Baseball Stars 2. This classical baseball game remains to be one of the best arcade-style sports games ever! There are two leagues, 18 fictional teams in this game, and of course, don’t forget the fantastic gameplay, easy controls, and excellent designs and animations. Add the suspense every player would feel every time a play is in session, or the batter loses his cool and punches the pitcher in the face.

Fire Pro Wrestling World

Next on our list of sports pc games for beginners is Fire Pro Wrestling World. Players love this game, mainly because: it has an intense move set, established MMA rules and regulations, great cage fights, gimmick matches, and of course, excellent controls and graphics.

Chess Game from

Of course, we cannot miss the game that promotes knowledge, strategy, and techniques – chess. One site that we recommend is The chess games here are free, support plenty of game styles, and you can even play anonymously even if you do not create an account on their site.

Dirt Rally 2

The first Dirt Rally game arrived in 2015, and since then, it has become an enormous revelation. Dirt Rally 2 is better in every way, which is why fans of the first installment of this game indeed loved the second part even more! If you are in for some adrenaline-filled match that will surely leave you holding your breath at every turn, then you should give this game a try!

Out of the Park 2021

Last on our list of sports pc games for beginners is Out of the Park. This Baseball-themed game focuses more on deep simulation rather than the button-pressing action. Get ready to experience new and improved player cards, in-season tournaments, and even new statistics! This 2021 version is made even better, and if you loved the 2016 version, you would surely love this one even more.



These are only some of the sports pc games for beginners we recommend that you start with, but indeed, there are thousands of them out there! You can also let your kids play these sports games to direct their interest in sports further. Get ready to have some fun and let us know what you think about these games.

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