sports pc games for kids

Sports PC Games for Kids to Have Fun Playing

Kids love to play, and even at home, you can still let your kids play their favorite sports with the best sports pc games for kids out there. If your children love sports, the next best thing to playing them outdoors is to play one of our favorite sports, video games. This list includes everything from football and baseball to golf and racing.

The most enjoyable sports pc games for kids are readily available for playing on different platforms, making them easy to access any time of the day. Some of these activities can even get both you and your children moving. These games, regardless of sport, provide hours of competitive enjoyment.

Let the fun begin!


Our Top Selections for The Best Sports Pc Games for Kids

Crazy Freekick

Crazy Freekick features football mayhem as you attempt to score a freekick for your nation and squad. Estimate how your character will kick the ball, left or right, high or low, to get the ball past the goalkeeper’s grasp—a fantastic game for football fans.

Ultimate Soccer

Play as some of soccer’s most significant stars in one of the best sports pc games for kids called Ultimate Soccer, in which players face off against each other on a local football field, attempting to drive the ball into the opponent’s goal amid a pinball-style frenzy of ball ricocheting action! Ultimate Soccer is a fantastic, high-energy, football-based skill game that you can play on any iOS or Android mobile phone, laptop, desktop PC, or tablet!

Lava & Ninja

First up is our game called Ninja. In these sports pc games for kids, you play as a ninja who must ride away from a lava wave in Lava and Ninja Skateboard. Do flips along the way and earn throwing stars for additional points and the ability to improve your ninja fully. You may improve them to have faster speeds, faster flips, and unique new skins! It’s as intense and wonderful as it sounds. You can’t go wrong with a Lava & Ninja Skateboard game!

Mountain Bike

Bike racers, prepare for the most challenging task you’ve ever faced on two wheels! Mountain Bike, one of our most promising cycling sports pc games for kids, is a crazy and funny bicycle racing game for kids situated in the woods, in which you must sprint to the finish line without falling over! Does it seem to be superficial? Come on out and try it!


The next one is good old classic Bowling! Test your ten-pin bowling abilities in this 3D realistic game. Knockdown as many pins as you can and test your skills on ever-changing quirky bowling alleys. Keep in mind that they count even if the ball bounces off the wall and knocks the pins down!



There you have it. These are our top recommendations for the most amusing sports pc games for kids. All of them are playable within the supported platforms such as the PC, so they’re good to go anytime you want to play them. Have fun going through them, and good luck!

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