Why can’t you lose weight even though you are exercising regularly?

Some people start exercising on a regular basis and even after some time can’t see results in losing weight. Needless to say, many of them become rather frustrated and unwilling to continue their workouts. What can cause such a situation? Let’s try to find an answer together.

Inappropriate nutritional plan

Unfortunately, no matter how hard you are exercising, 80% of success in losing weight depends on the food you are eating and its amounts. Many people make serious mistakes when it comes to their nutrition which does not allow them to make the entire process of losing weight efficient.


One of the most frequent mistakes people are making is simply eating too much. Some people just do not change their dietary plan believing it is not necessary since they have workouts on a regular basis. This might be not necessary for people who are exercising for maintaining health and already have a well-balanced diet. However, if you are trying to lose weight, you should at least check the quality of the products you are consuming.

Some people even believe they can now eat more since they are exercising really hard. Unfortunately, even rather intensive workouts will not let you to burn too much calories. For instance, if you take a person who weighs 75 kg, the amount of calories he or she will be able to burn during a highly active workout of weight lifting is only around 225 kcal. This is the same amount of calories as a piece of 30 g of a chocolate bar has. As you can imagine, it is really difficult to burn calories stored in your body if you do not change your dietary plan.

At the same time it is rather simple to overeat even if you are keeping a track of all the major meals you are consuming. People tend to have small snacks or even bites of various products during a day which can sum up into a rather large amount of calories. For example, if you regularly finish the food your child has left, take a bite of the food your partner is eating and just let yourself to eat something very small just for the sake of its taste, you are really risking to overeat.

Remember that you can overeat even if your food is absolutely healthy. Too much of fatless white meat, fresh fruits, brown rice or anything else will give you excessive calories as well. Be especially careful with healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds and avocado.

Not keeping a track of the food consumed properly

Keeping a track of the food you are eating is a difficult task since no tools except for a thorough laboratory examination will give you real information about the amount of calories in the dish you are eating. Yet, you can try being at least a bit precise by providing the information about the food you have consumed into a counting app you are using manually rather than picking an option provided by someone else since the amount of calories can differ dramatically.

Eating a too small amount of food

The majority of people are aware of the fact that too harsh diets can lead to the adverse effect when your body is just pushing you into a break of severe overeating. As you can imagine, in such a way it is very difficult to lose weight and it is also rather bad for your psychological condition since you might establish a rather negative relationship with food adopting such a pattern.

Yet, there is an important issue which many people do not know. Insufficient amounts of food in your diet will soon lead to a situation when your body will store calories more efficiently. This is a special mechanism which can be triggered by a harsh diet. Once the body feels a crises being deprived from food it really needs, you will notice less and less effects in losing weight.

The quality of your workouts

Needless to say, the way your workouts look like is also extremely important. If you are making one of these mistakes, you are risking to make your workouts rather inefficient.

Not enough exercising

Actually, some people do not have enough exercises. There are several reasons for such a situation, however, two of the most widespread are being too distracted during a workout whereas another one is not having a well-established plan for a workout. In the first case you might think too much of things unrelated to your workout or even manage to make selfies and chat with a friend. In the second case, you might need some professional help for setting goals for your workout and creating a set of exercises you are going to perform.

Minimising other physical activities

For some people being physically active is not typical. It can be related either to their sedentary jobs or just to unwillingness to spend time actively. Even if such people start exercising regularly, it will still be not enough for losing weight. Physical activities have to be a part of your life.

There are also people who believe they can resign from physical activities since they have their plan for workouts and now they can be active only during the time of the training session. This is a very bad approach and it will prevent you from getting good results in your attempt to lose weight.