How to increase your body mass?

While a great number of people deciding to start exercising are doing it because they find their weight excessive there are also people who need to increase their body mass. If you are one of such people, you should try weightlifting workouts which will help you to build up a muscle mass. Actually, no matter how intensive your exercising is, weightlifting will certainly add extra weight to your body. That is one of the reasons why people who are trying to lose weight cannot see a rapid decrease in their body mass if they are practising weightlifting. As you can imagine, this is happening as they are starting growing muscles whereas the mass of fat in their bodies is still high.

In this article you will find several tips on increasing your body mass.

Chose weightlifting exercises

As we have just mentioned, the best type of workouts for people who need to increase their body mass is weightlifting. Yet, it is important to start gradually with this kind of sports in order to avoid any possible injuries.

As a beginner, you should avoid so called split-exercising which is particularly popular among bodybuilders. These workouts are based on training one particular group of muscles during an entire workout. Beginners should work on all of their muscles groups rather than training one group at a time. This will help you to put on weight gradually and strengthening the entire body equally. At the same time, you will be able to easily regenerate after exercising.

How to understand what is the most suitable weight for lifting for you?

Needless to say, one of the crucial tasks at the beginning is to estimate an appropriate weight for lifting during the first workout. While excessive weight can cause injuries, insufficient weight will make your training session ineffective.

No matter which equipment for weight lifting you are going to use, the rule is pretty the same. Of course, you should start with the smallest one in order to see how easy it is for you to work with it. Repeat exercises checking not only your feeling of weight but also your ability of performing the exercise in a technically appropriate weight.

Finally, choose the maximum weight you can handle while still performing the exercises in a technically right way.

How many exercises should you do?

Another question concerns the repetition and the amount of exercises. Experts are recommending beginners to start with a great number of repetitions with the weight which you should choose in the way it was described above.

In such a way, you will be able to experience a whole range of positive effects. First of all, this will help your muscles and neurons to build a necessary connection which is crucial for growing muscles. As a result, the muscles will start growing faster.

In addition to it, such an approach to exercising will help you to protect your body against possible injuries.

Other recommendations for increasing your weight

Before you start working on building your muscles, you should understand the culprit of your insufficient weight especially if you see the weight decreasing even though the amount calories you are consuming is normal or even excessive for your lifestyle. It is crucial to understand there is a whole range of serious health conditions causing problems with weight. Consult a doctor first to understand why the mass is not gained.

Here you have some further tips on increasing your body weight.

Eat more frequently

One of the popular issues is that people with an insufficient body mass cannot eat too much. They tend to feel satiated more easily and even if they are trying to consume large amount of food, it is impossible for them.

That is why, it is recommended to eat smaller amount of food more frequently in such a case.

Do not drink right before having a meal or during a meal

It is not a secret that water can fill your stomach and make you feel hunger less acutely. That is why you should not drink at least 30 minutes before having a meal. If you are rather thirsty, you should switch to drinks high in calories for instance, milk shakes, protein cocktails or whole milk.

Choose products rich in nutritional substances

The fact you have an insufficient body mass does not mean you should switch to junk food even though it might help you to put on weight easily. You are still interested in putting on healthy weight and getting all the nutritional substances out of your diet rather than packing yourself with garbage.

For that reason you should choose such products rich in both calories and nutritional substances as nuts, seeds, dairy products (especially cheese), whole-grain bread, porridge, vegetables and fruits.

Remember to avoid food high in sugar no matter how tasty it is and effective in weight gaining. Regardless of your current weight, excessive amounts of sugar can harm your health elevating sugar levels in your blood.