Running to lose weight – nutritional tips

Running is one of the most popular kinds of sports for losing weight. There is nothing strange in it since it is really very effective for fat burning. Running requires larger amounts of energy than many non-cardio workouts which means it can help you to get rid of excessive weight more easily. Actually, running is also considered to be more effective for losing weight than other types of cardio workouts, for example, riding a bicycle.

In fact, you can lose weight even if you do not change your diet significantly unless it is obviously very unhealthy. Yet, there are absolutely no doubts in the fact you will be able to lose a way more weight if you change your diet as well. Still, this should be made in a certain way considering the impact of running on your body.

Running and your diet

First of all, you should see the difference between practising running while being on a diet and doing it without a diet. For the same period of time, you can lose even up to 17 kilograms if you change your food habits whereas the maximum amount of weight you can lose while making the same nutritional choices is only 4 kilograms. Needless to say, the difference is gigantic. Of course, if your diet I particularly rich in calories, it might be difficult for you to lose weight with any type of a workout at all.

Another crucial aspect of running is that it not only helps you to lose weight but it can also decrease your muscles. For that reason, it is usually recommended to have additional strengthening workouts which are needed not only for giving you a more defined body shape, but also for keeping an appropriate metabolism which depends on the muscle mass.

In turn, it means you should be careful about the amount of proteins you are consuming so that your body will be able to maintain the muscles more easily.

Here are more specific tips for your diet.

You do not have to run before breakfast if you are uncomfortable with it

There is a popular belief that running before having a meal is increasing the loss of fat. This opinion is partially true. Indeed, researchers have proved that the fat oxidation is increasing if you are exercising with an empty stomach. Yet, this severely depends on your heart rate. If it does not overcome 150 bits, you will feel this advantage of exercising before breakfast. Once the rate exceeds, there is no difference in fat oxidation any more.

Certainly, when it comes to running, in the majority of cases it causes your heart rate to overcome the number above. There are particular types of slow running for prolonged distances, however, the majority of people do not choose them particularly in the morning before going to work.

That is why, if you do not feel good while exercising before having any food, there is no need to make yourself do it. You can still have your meal and it will not change a lot in the effects of your running workouts.

Keep your food nutritional enough

Certainly, if you decrease the number of calories consumed, you will be able to lose weight more effectively. Still, you should be careful and do it gradually.

It is recommended to keep your diet on the level which will allow you to lose between 500 grams and one kilogram per week. A larger weight loss is not healthy.

In order to understand how much you should consume in order to lose such an amount of weight, you should calculate a normal amount of calories for your lifestyle. There are plenty of such calculators available online which will consider your physical activity and generally, your everyday activities. Now, when you know this number of calories, you can decrease it by maximum of 500 kcal which will give you an optimum weight loss.

Some people do not want to keep a track of calories for various reasons. It is not necessary indeed. If you just cut off the amount of junk food, sweets, pastry, bread and other products packed with easily digestible carbohydrates and processed oils, you will see a great difference. Pay your attention to the fact alcohol is also very high in calories.

Do not give you tasty treats after workouts

One of the most pleasant ways to blow the whole work spent on exercises out is to give yourself some delicious treats after a workout.

Undeniably, exercising is hard. This usually makes people believe they have burnt a way more calories than they have actually done. As a result, they are letting themselves to have some yummy foods afterwards which usually have an excessive amount of calories.

The problem is certainly in the majority of people are giving themselves treats which are based on junk food rather than row vegetables or fruits. This fact has even been proved by researchers. A group of people who burnt between 200 and 300 kilocalories while running were sure the amount of wasted kilocalories was around 800. As a result, they have chosen muffins and pizza as a meal after exercising consuming around 500 kcal.